Breakfast at Amadeus 

My family had time off work during easter break and the same went for me and therefore we visited the city of Copenhagen and enjoyed a lovely breakfast at Restaurant Amadeus near Kongens Nytorv. Afterwards we strolled around in Copenhagen, shopping just a tiny bit.

Nordic Championships in Talinn, Estonia

Also, I went to Estonia to compete in the Nordic Championships, which for the record went really good. We had some time to stroll a bit around and for that reason we visited the Old City, which the pictures show. It was such cosy and colorful surroundings. Moreover, there was such a middle age atmosphere in the streets and on several restaurants where waiters were dressed in clothes, which looked like it came straight from the middle age. Interesting experience. 

Chilling and drinking pisco sours with my dearest friend

Wuhu my beloved friend just left the nest as she has got herself a place in Copenhagen, just across Kongens Have. It is such a lovely place and she has arranged her room pretty nice. Naturally we had to celebrate it so I brought a little bottle of pisco sour, which we bought together in Southamerica last year and made ourselves pisco sour drinks. We indeed had a little throwback moment. 

Family time

Well when it is easter you have to eat. A lot. With the family. And so I did. I love spending time with my family and I highly value our time together, as birthdays and gatherings often are held when I am traveling abroad for tournaments. So we had such a good time. 

Visited family in Helsingborg, Sweden

I happen to have family in Sweden, as my uncle married a (stunning) Swedish woman 10 (or so) years ago. Luckily, they just live in Helsingborg and that only takes around 1,5 hours in car. They have two beautiful children together and for each time we visit them they have grown so much as we only see them maybe 4-5 times a year. It is so fun experiencing. However, we had such a good time with coffee, food and a long walk in these pretty surroundings. 

Currently, I am back drowning in books, but nevertheless it is quite nice being back in school. I hope that you have had a just as chill easter break as me. 

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