At my very first competition this year, back in January I were in Paris. I've been to Paris before with my family a couple of years ago and it's a beautiful city, yet I'm not as enthusiastic as everyone else is about the city. As I were visiting the city of love this year we didn't got to see that much as we were living a bit outside of central Paris. However, we had a few hours one evening, which we chose to use on wandering around the Eiffel Tower. 

I've been to Austria a lot of times but only because of karate, however I think that it's a beautiful country or at least the areas where I've been are. One can find nature with mountains and all and great areas with grass, castles and rivers. One will also find doll-looking-houses, which are made of wood and painted in very colorful colors and naturally there is always flowerbeds hanging right outside their windows. I enjoyed a long walk with these surroundings as I were visiting Salzburg about a month ago.  

I've also been to Plzen a lot of times and furthermore visited Prague and Pesky Raj in Czech Republic, though the last two cities were in connection with a school trip. One can really sense that it's a east european country as they're very bad at speaking English (some can't even say a word in English) and moreover the people kinda look east european. I also connect Czech Republic with these long (and a bit dry) bread, which you can find everywhere. However, the country has the most beautiful nature, just as Austria with this curvy landscape.

I've actually never been to Italy before in my entire life besides from when I visited Venice about a month ago. Shame on me. Because it's such a laudable country and I really like the atmosphere there - and the food at least. On our last day we had like 5 hours of spare time, which we decided to spend in actual Venice. We took a boat from the airport and we didn't have that much time there, but holy moly in those 2 hours we spend walking the streets, rivers or whatever one possibly would call it I totally fell in love with the city. I'm definitely going back one day.


I've only been to Asia once in my life and that was in Malaysia where I also competed at the U21 World Championships. However, I just nearly got home from Jakarta in Indonesia for the same purpose as in Malaysia. We didn't stay at any spectacular area at all and the fanciest thing one could find were shopping malls, unfortunately. We didn't have time to investigate the city for real but I'm sure there is a lot to see e.g. the jungle. Apart from that then the Indonesian people were surprisingly kind and the food very cheap. Oh and naturally the humidity is very high so yeah it's very hot or to be more specific, it feels like it's. 

This is actually just the destinations I've taken pictures of the past year... I've also been to Switzerland, Poland, Turkey, Iceland and Germany. Grateful and lucky? Oh yes indeed.

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