Da jeg for nogle uger siden var forbi Lousiana, var der også en anden udstilling tilgængelig udover den med Yayoi Kusama, nemlig en med David Altmejd. Det var naturligvis en helt anden form for udstilling, hvor der var fokus på selve kunststykkerne, i stedet for heldhedsfornemmelsen og atmosfæren, som der var ved Kusamas udstilling. Jeg kunne især godt lide cirklen med mændene og rummet hvor, at der var hængt en masse krigstegningerne op. De var vildt flot tegnet, og da jeg selv i ny og næ tegner lidt, er jeg noget så bevidst om, hvor meget arbejde, der må have været lagt i tegningerne. 

A few weeks ago when I visited Lousiana there was another exhibition accessible besides from the one with Yayoi Kusama, namely an exhibition with David Altmejd. Naturally it was a completely different kind of exhibition compared to Kusama's. In this exhibition there was focus on the art pieces  alone compared to Kusama's where the integrity, feeling and atmosphere were highlighted. I especially liked the circle of men and the room where there were drawings of war all over the walls. They were seriously well drawn and as I every now and then draw I know how much work and labor that lays in it. 



Galaxy: Fullah Suggah. Flowers: Only. Beige: H&M. Light purple: My daddy's old one. Light blue: My daddy's old one. Purple: Bilka. Chequer: H&M. White: Gina Tricot. Black: Sisters Point. Palms: Moss Copenhagen. Turquoise: Bought in Indonesia. Dark blue: Vero Moda

Jeg er virkelig en skjorte kinda gal, da jeg synes, at skjorter kan gå til stort set alt uanset lejligheden. Man kan nemlig både dress en skjorte op og ned alt efter, om det er hygge eller fest man skal til. Det her er mine indsamling af skjorter igennem tiden, og jeg har da også i sinde at udvide denne indsamling. 

I'm totally a shirt kinda gal as I think that a shirt almost goes to everything regardless of the occasion as you can dress a shirt up and down as you like. This is some of the shirts I've collected during time and I've plans to collect even more. 



For et par uger siden lavede jeg disse focaccia boller, og de var intet mindre end super lækre. De er perfekte til den lille sult, og når man ikke lige magter noget tungt mad. Opskriften på dejen er som følgende: 25. g. gær, 3 dl. vand, 1 spiseskefuld olie, 1 teske salt, 1 dl. grahamsmel, 1 dl. durummel og 5 1/2 mel. Derefter så lad dejen hæve i en times tid, så de kan blive store og bløde. Herefter kan man tage alt, hvad man lige lyster ovenpå. Jeg tog noget tomatsovs, oregano, kyllingestrimler og ost på. Bon appétit.

A few weeks ago I made these delicious focaccia buns and they tasted pretty good! They're perfect for when you're not entirely hungry but up to a little snack. This is the recipe on the dough: 25. g. of yeast, 3 dL of water, 1 tablespoon of oil, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 dL of wholemeal, 1 dL of durum wheat and 5 1/2 dL of flour. Leave the dough for an hour so it has the chance of rising to get big and soft buns. You can add whatever you want on top of the buns but I added tomato sauce, oregano, strips of chicken and cheese. Bon appétit. 



Yeah you heard me right. A few times I've mentioned that I'm going on a long-term journey and that is soon to become real. Tomorrow, the 6th of January I'm leaving Denmark for nearly two months with my dearest friend and I'm excited as hell! (That is an understatement). Our first destination is Santa Barbara in California where we're going to visit our common friend, whom we went to school with as she's studying over there at the moment. She lives in Santa Barbara, but we've planned to go seeing LA and San Diego as well. I'm both excited to see our beloved friend but to discover California as well.

La Paz, Bolivia - Salar de Uyuni
Our second destination from LA is La Paz in Bolivia where we're going to stay a few days on our own before our next trip to Salar de Uyuni starts. We're namely going to spend five days in the salt flats wandering around in the beautiful nature among hot springs, volcanoes and cactuses. That's gonna be different. And I kinda hope so that it will rain during one of the days cause then the sky will be reflected in the water as you can see in one of the pictures and I'd be thrilled to see that in person. 

After our trip in the salt flats we're going on a three week's trip from La Paz to Lima in Peru. We're going to see a thousands af things but among them we're staying a few days at Lake Titicaca, which is the lake to the left. We're also going to see (after we've hiked our way up there) the very famous Machu Picchu that is the ancient inca ruins. We also have the chance to see the Nazca Lines, which the picture to the right shows. The lines, which is cut out as animals are a mysterious to the people today as they were made hundreds of years and ago and no one knows how they were actually capable of doing that at that time. Oh and we're also going to see Colca Canyon where these enourmous birds (haha) are flying. 

The Amazon Rainforrest
Hey hey and then we're going to rumble in the jungle in Quito, Ecuador. I'm naturally talking about the Amazon rainforrest, which we're spending five days in. I'm especially excited about this as this is where the animals are bigger (and more disgusting) than here in Europe. However, I think that it will be good for me experiencing this as spiders at home won't be that frightening anymore compared to those I'll possibly find in the jungle. As a matter of fact we're going to visit a school in the jungle as well and that will be certainly interesting. 

Galapagos Islands
Our very final destination is the Galapagos Islands that we've the pleasure to spend eight days on. We're gonna walk through the beautiful landscape awhile discovering the rare, funny and interesting animal species that the islands are filled with. It will be so intriguing watching all this as we've heard so much about the islands and so much about what Charles Darwin once discovered there. 

So, this is what I'm gonna do the next two months and I'm so ready. My friend and I have planned, read and bought so many things for this trip that I'm longing to jump on the first plane hungry for adventure. I will hopefully show you some pictures when I get back home. Meanwhile I've planned a few posts for you so it won't be that silent in here. 



Dress: Nelly. Ear rings: Gina Tricot. Heels: Jette Riis
Så blev det sgu år 2016 og for mit vedkommende kom jeg ret så godt ind i det nye år, med mine kære venner. Som I kan se, var temaet (maskebal hos dronningen) velgennemført med den flotteste bordopdækning, blomster, lækker mad, sjove indslag, latter, pagne og naturligvis kransekage. Jeg har haft en formidabel aften, nat og morgen og i går tidlig eftermiddag stod den på Halifax med selvsamme mennesker. Godt nytår!

It turned 2016 and I personally had a fantastic new year with my dearest friends. As you can see the theme (masked ball at the queen's) was totally completed with the most beautiful table arrangement, flowers, delicious food, funny features, laughter, champagne and naturally marzipan ring cake. I had the most wonderful evening, night and morning and in the yearly afternoon yesterday we went to Halifax. Happy new year!



Dress: Nelly. Heels: Jette Riis. Mask: Tiger
Nu er der to dage til selve nytårsaften, og det er som regel en aften, som står i festens tegn, og som folk generelt har store forventninger til. Jeg har i de sidste tre år fejret årsskiftet til store fester, som jeg enten selv har hostet eller har været gæst til. Det har været så fedt, det er slet ikke det, men i år har jeg egentlig bare haft lyst til at sidde med en gruppe elskværdige mennesker og spise noget god mad iført flotte klæder. Det er heldigvis lige præcis det, jeg skal. Jeg skal nemlig til "maskebal hos dronningen", så at sige. Det er i så fald temaet for aftenen, og dertil skal jeg med resten af selvskabet på ni mennesker spise en tre retters menu, bestilt udefra. Jeg glæder mig helt vildt. Jeg elsker at skulle dress up og især under dette tema, hvor at der skal meget til før, at det bliver for meget. Derfor har jeg hevet disse items frem, som jeg har tænkt at iklæde mig efter en omgang fin makeup. 

We're two days from new years eve, that is a night filled with great expectations and in most cases is celebrated with one hell of a party. The past three years I've celebrated new year at big parties, which I either have hosted myself or have been a guest at. It was really great and all but this year I mostly wanted to spend the night with a small group of beloved people and eat some good food dressed in beautiful robes. Fortunately that is exactly what I'm gonna do. As a matter of fact I'm actually going to a "masked ball at the queen", so to say. To be more specific it's the theme of the night and moreover I'm going to eat a three course menu ordered from a restaurant with the rest of the company of nine people. I'm so excited. I love to dress up and on this evening I definitely have the chance to fullfill that as more is more. For that reason I think that I'm going to be dressed in this after a round of makeup. 



Jumpsuit: Saint Tropez. Platform ballerinas: Vagabond. Necklace: Maanesten. Bracelets: Made by me. Ear rings: A gift
To dage og alt for meget mad senere sidder jeg nu her i min seng og kigger billederne igennem fra juleaften. Min aften samt dag gik rigtig fint, og der var god stemning hele vejen igennem. Selvom juleaften ikke er, hvad den har været i fht., da man var mindre, værdsætter jeg dog stadig denne dag. Som I kan se, hoppede jeg i overstående outfit, og tog derudover også lige et par snaps af min kære søster, som så, så smuk ud. I går havde vi endnu en del af familien ovre til julefrokost, så vi havde så at sige, fuldt hus. Det var bare så dejligt afslappende, og her var der naturligvis også alt, hvad hjertet kunne begære i henhold til mad. Jeg håber, at I alle har haft en lige så god juleaften og 1. juledag som mig!

Two days and tons of food later, yet I'm sitting here in my bed and am looking the pictures through from Christmas Eve. My evening went extremely good and there was such a good atmosphere the entire time. Even though Christmas Eve isn't the same as it once was, as one was a child I still enjoy the day very much indeed. As you can see I wore this jumpsuit and apart from that then I also took some snaps of my beautiful baby sister. Yesterday another part of the family visited for another Christmas party and we certainly had full house. It was really relaxing and there was all that the heart can possibly desire as regards food. I hope that you have had a just as good Christmas Eve and 1st Christmas Day as me!